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Baked goods have been around for thousands of years. The art of baking was developed early during the Roman Empire.

It was a highly famous art as Roman citizens loved baked goods and demanded for them frequently for important occasions such as feasts and weddings etc. Due to the fame and desire that the art of baking received, around 300 BC, baking was introduced as an occupation and respectable profession for Romans.

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A light, sour wheat dough with roasted walnuts and freshly picked rosemary, thyme, poppy seeds, parsley and sage

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October 18, 2021

09 Feb 2017 | 支持香港小店系列~創意甜品抹茶紅豆麻糬戚風蛋糕!水準真心超晒班~

香港依家愈開愈多IG店,除咗賣衫賣飾物賣手作之外,其實唔少人會賣甜品㗎!最近小編就發現咗一間叫The Mochiffon Cake既IG甜品店,佢哋既出品真係又特別又用心製作~ 抹茶蛋糕大家就食得多,但係用戚風蛋糕夾麻糬既蛋糕,你又有冇食過? ...