Studio pickup上門自取


  • 工作室地址:荔枝角青山道489-491香港工業中心B座8樓10室 (荔枝角C出口步行約1分鐘)
    Studio address: Flat10, 8/F, Block B, Hong Kong Industrial Centre, 489-491 Castle Peak Road  (1 min walk away from Lai Chi Kok Station)
  • 上門自取時間為下午3:00至下午7:00,逢星期一休息。
    Pickup time at studio: 3:00pm-7:00pm. Closed on Monday.
  • 取貨時請出示訂單電郵。
     Please show us your confirmation email at arrival.
  • 請依照訂單上的日期取貨,逾期不設退款。
    Please pick up your cake on the confirmed date in your confirmation email. Once it is overdue, NO refund is allowed.
  • 我們建議客人自備保溫袋(蛋糕盒尺寸在每個蛋糕的介紹頁面內),以保持蛋糕質素。如沒有自備保溫袋,可上門取貨時直接購買,每個收費$10-30不等。請於取貨後一小時內放入0℃至4℃雪櫃保存。
    We recommend that you prepare your own cooler bag (L20cm x W20cm), or you can purchase from us during pickup, $10 to $30 each. Please keep the cake in 0℃- 4℃ within 1 hour after pickup. 

The Mochiffon Cake

Delivery Service  送貨服務

  • 送貨時段: 12:00-3:00pm、3:00-6:00pm 、6:00-9:00pm, 沒有指定送貨時間
    Delivery time:12:00-3:00pm、 3:00-6:00pm 、6:00-9:00pm.
    Specific delivery time is not available.
  • 一般情況下我們已為客人準備保溫袋及冰種,以保持蛋糕質素。
    Normally, we will prepare a cooler bag and ice pack for you.
  • 收貨後,請立即把蛋糕放回0℃至4℃雪櫃保存,進食前十分鐘放到溫室解凍,口感更佳。
    Once your cake has arrived, please store the cake in 0℃- 4℃ as soon as possible. Serve the cake after 10 mins in room temperate for optimal texture.
  • 運送途中存在不同風險,如:交通阻塞、無意損毀等。選擇送貨時,客人須了解清楚,並自行承擔其風險。
    There are possible risks during delivery, such as traffic jam, unintentional damage. No responsibility or liability is accepted by The Mochiffon Cake in respect of the use of delivery service, please be acknowledged the above disclaimer when choosing the service.
  • 因疫情關係,司機不會上樓交收。
    Due to covid-19, drivers will not provide doorstep delivery service.
  • 送貨收費表不包括額外收費,如停車場收費等等,落單前請先查詢,其費用實報實銷。
    Additional charge such as parking fee, is excluded from the delivery fee shown on website. Please enquire from us before ordering.
  • 送貨服務範圍包括:香港、九龍、新界及指定離島地區,不包括愉景灣。
    Delivery service is available in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Terrirtoriseand excluded Discovery Bay.
  • 下單時,車費會連同蛋糕費用一齊收取。若日後訂單需要改送貨地址或改上門自取,費用並不會退還。如更改車費較貴的送貨地址,則需要補回差價。
    Delivery fee will not be refunded after order is confirmed or any changes from order details.
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